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Wine of great elegance, produced only in favourable vintage years from a selection of the best Nebbiolo grapes. The bunches are left to dry up on the drying ranks at 500m high, in Ca’ Rizzieri’s loft, that offers a dry and aired climate. Fermentation and maturation take place in new barrels for 16 – 18 months. After that, bottle ageing takes place; it is of vital importance and it lasts for over 12 months in cool, dark cellars.
Recommended serving temperature: 18°.
Grapes: Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca).


  • Vintage: 2002
  • Appellation: Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG
  • Perfect for: Dinner with friends
  • Type: Red
  • Pairing: Meat, Cheese or mushroom-based main dishes

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Appellation: Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG

Vintage: 2002

Grape: Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca).

Where: Municipalities of Sondrio and Teglio.

Vineyard Orientation and Elevation: South, 400 – 650 above sea level

Terroir: Silty-sand with sub-acidic reaction.

First Production: 1995.Wine only produced in the best vintage years.

Harvest Period: First week of October. Striclty manual harvest, in plastic boxes.

Vintage Evaluation: Valtellina’s wines quality standards are redefined by 2013 harvest, reaching the top of best harvests. Both wines produced with drying method and those produced with fresh grapes revealed good structure, wide olfactory range and excellent balance.
Yield: 75 q.li/ha

Wine Making Process: The grapes harvested are left drying in stackable plastic boxes until December/January.  They will develop
a high concentration in sugar and a peculiar aroma through the bunch dehydaration. Low-temperature skin pre-fermentation for about 60 hours then followed by controlled temperature maceration with regular mixing of the pomace.

Ageing: In new French oak barriques over 16 -18 months. Bottle ageing takes place in dark, cool cellars for at least two years before being sold.

It is a fine wine with a big structure.
Garnet red-colour. Intense aroma, with hints of fruit preserve in alcohol, quinine and tobacco. Big in mouth with strong but well-balanced tannins thanks to a richflesh. Endless finish.This wine matches very well with mature cheeses, inparticular “Bitto” cheese. Excellent also with red meatand game. Recommended serving temperature: 16- 18°C in large glasses.

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