Prosecco is the most produced wine in the world. Besides the global popularity, a fair proportion is consumed in “Tre-Venezie” (“The Three Venices”) where it is produced. “Tre Venezie” is the North-East part of Italy and it encompasses the regions of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige.

One of the main reasons fort the high local consumption of Prosecco is that in the “Tre Venezie” Prosecco is drunk on its own but it is also often paired with foods. The famous sparkling wine is a culinary treat alongside practically every food. The fresh and soft bubbles will enhance all the food’s flavours. 

The key thing to remember is to pair the Prosecco based on the sugar levels.

Dry and Extra Dry Prosecco – “Extra Dry” (12–17 g/l) or “Dry” (17–32 g/l). 

Pair dry and extra dry Prosecco with tasty, spicy and fried food as the higher sugars will add zest to a tasty meal. 
To pair with a sweet dessert, make sure you choose something that is labelled dry to match the sweetness level of the wine to that of the food so that neither one is nullified.

Brut Prosecco – up to 12 grams per litre of residual sugar.

For mild and savoury food pairings opt for a brut style of Prosecco with less sugars.  Extra-Dry has been the dominant style made, but the amount of Brut is now increasing. Savoury and delicate foods such as Parma ham, mild cheeses, sushi or vegetable antipasti get along very well with a brut style.  Cured meats or delicate fish will be fab with a light and refreshing prosecco. 

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