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  • Prosecco and Panettone are in town!
  • Langhe’s Nebbiolo
  • A series of unfortunate events 

Prosecco and Panettone are in town!

23 December – Our fantastic “Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG”  (The Super Prosecco) and the “Superiore di Cartizze DOCG” are in town! These beauties arrived in our cellar in Winchester on December the 23rd.  We also received our delicious Italian Christmas Cakes from Castelfranco including the gluten-free ones.

Langhe’s Nebbiolo

9 December – Livio Voghera’s wine from Langhe is currently held in Belgium following the issues at the border between France and the United Kingdom. The freight company estimates the wine will be with us on December 28th. Finally!!!

A series of unfortunate events

23 December – November and December were particularly difficult this year besides a horrible 2020 where we cancelled four organised tours with our outdoor sport venture. First it was not easy to find a new agency willing to process our customs declarations so close to the Brexit date… our previous agency closed their business. Finding someone to help was harder than we thought. Then we were unable to complete the commercial agreement with one of the producers we support after spending quite a lot of resources into it … I know we will support that producer but After we finalised in November all the producers and wines then a massive heavy rain and consequent flooding hit the Dolomites. This delayed the preparation and shipment of our pallets. Our local logistic friends in Italy managed it incredibly well (Nick, Gianni and Soukaina)! But then there were delays and confusion in the congested logistic hubs of Milan and Dartford due to Brexit … The COVID variants border closures unfortunately caused our first shipment from our friend Livio to be still in Belgium… Our Prosecco and cakes, once in the UK, travelled from Dartford to Northampton and then Bristol and Andover to finally end up in Winchester. Thank You Claire, Mark, Iain, Edmond and the rest of the crew for helping us in solving this. 

Have all a fantastic Christmas Break!


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