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Fab Gluten-free Beers. Gluten free doesn’t mean taste free. You know that from our amazing wines. Here are some other great tasting gluten free products you can buy today.  Here at Fab Wines we don’t want to sell anything that we wouldn’t buy and enjoy ourselves. Good gluten free beers are rare and difficult to stock with consistency and sometimes some distributors are a little bit too greedy.

I enjoy my beer but it must be gluten free. The Vagabond from BrewDog is one of my choices however I recently discovered that they decided not to produce anymore the Vagabond. I started looking for alternatives and we ended up discovering the Green’s story.

In 1988 Derek Green had a problem. He had to avoid the gluten in barley and wheat, and at that time in the UK- indeed Europe – there was no gluten free beer available. A miserable life without beer lay ahead.

A natural entrepreneur though, he travelled across Europe at the start of the century getting brewery doors slammed in his face. The response was not good. “Too complicated” and “Why bother?” were common refrains.

So began a long process of discussions, meetings, trials, false hopes, and dead end trails. Breweries did not want to know about production that did not exist and one that could not be quantified.

the breakthrough

The breakthrough came in 2003 when he met an eminent Belgian professor of brewing whom by coincidence had a daughter who also needed to avoid gluten, and there began a relationship with the mutual goal of brewing a beer made from alternative grains to barley, one that would be naturally gluten and wheat free. After numerous trials, in May 2004 Green’s launched the UK’s first ever naturally gluten free beer from Alternative Grains; named not surprisingly ‘Discovery’.

Pretty quickly, once the awards started rolling in, the range of gluten free beer expanded and they started to be exported to more and more countries eager to try this new range of beers. Today Green’s still produce the original Discovery Ale, plus Dry Hopped Lager and India Pale Ale, all of which are produced with 100% gluten free raw materials.

Fab Gluten-free beers. We contacted the producer and he was so nice that we decided to have all his beers in stock. Here the latest availability.

In the following months you’ll see all Green’s range in our portfolio. 

The first ones are already here!


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