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And we made it with the Sforzato per Giulio 2011 by Cantine Menegola to the Independent! Yes! Few weeks ago John Clarke (the author of this article) contacted me asking to get a “passito” method sforzato from Valtellina.

In the last year my stock of wine is getting thinner as my digital business commitments are taking a huge tall however I had few bottles left for the special moment and this was one of them.

I had a chat with John and then I decided to send him my “last 2011 bottle” in stock here in the UK. And Walter Menegola again gets a big recognition from the United Kingdom… The  Sforzato per Giulio as one of “the best Italian Wines”. Well done my friend!

I got so many positive feedback (and also few orders) that is now time to create again a Valtellina box for the people willing to enjoy proper red wine during these tough times of isolation. More soon!

Thank you John!

Independent Article here


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