Valgerola is Western North-Facing Sub-Valleys of Valtellina. This valley is the homeland of the “Bitto cheese” (DOP and Slow Food) which takes its name from the torrent that crosses it and gets down to Morbegno and Valtellina. The Valgerola-Pescegallo ski resort and valley are suitable for both Nordic skiing, snowboardimg_1431 and
ski touring. Valgerola is part of the Regional Park of the Orobie Valtellinesi. There are hundreds of beautiful foot paths and bridleways.

The “camera picta” (painted room) in Pirondini Street in Sacco contains a series of frescos of the XV Century representing one of the most beautiful representations of the “Homo Salvadego” (the Wild Man), a typical symbol of the culture of the alps.


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