Casa Vinicola Aldo Rainoldi - Chiuro (SO) - Lumbardy - Italy

Casa Vinicola Aldo Rainoldi is in the wine business since 1925. An incredible portfolio of products covering almost all the local sub-zones and labels.

At the beginning of the 1920s, Valtellina found itself in a context of poverty and emigration. A strong desire to fight back and support his territory led Aldo Rainoldi to start his own business as a wine merchant in 1925.

Casa Vinicola Aldo Rainoldi. In the second half of the 1950s, his son Giuseppe decided to join him. The growth in quality began with the purchase of grapes instead of wine. This phase started the expansion of the market. The wine went beyond Lumbardy and Switzerland, reaching the United States, Japan, the UK and Northern Europe.

At the end of the Nineties, Aldo Rainoldi, Giuseppe’s nephew, joined the company to continue the family tradition. The aim is to combine qualitative growthwith respect for the environment, leading the company to the next generation.

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