Nebbiolo Tastings in SussexNebbiolo Tastings in Sussex. The real passionate network of wine professionals and practitioners is narrow and sooner or later everyone knows each other. We developed trust over time based on facts. We measure people by their capability to respect their words and commitments … not on shiny nice labels or empty marketing blocking statements. 

It’s like climbing and mathematics. You either pass and solve the problem or you don’t. Facts. A wine is either well balanced and elegant or it is not… whatever the subjective taste and notes we are seeking. You can be unlucky with a bottle but overall you pass or fail. Business and human relations need time to mature… like a Nebbiolo based wine.

Sassella Rocks

The Sussex Wine School

Two years ago I started a small business interaction with a wine school based in Brighton, the Sussex Wine School. Jonny Gibson (Dip WSET, FWS, IWS) is the expert owner and Head Tutor. He knows what he wants and it is a pleasure working with him. 

Nebbiolo Tastings in Sussex. The other day Jonny reached out for an evening he was organising regarding the Nebbiolo grape… and he was asking for a Valtellina. You can see more details of the event he organised here… and please go to one of his tasting if you can. 

After a pleasant and friendly chat I sent him an example of Valtellina (the Sassella Riserva 2013 by Rainoldi) and also a new entry in my portfolio: the Barbaresco Basarin by Luigi Voghera.

I was keen to know the outcome of the tasting and today I asked … Here his comment

the Valtellina wine got the vote as best Nebbiolo drinking now amongst the seven wines we tasted. The line up included wines form Donnas, Carema, Gattinara, Roero, Barolo, Barbaresco and Valtellina

The Barbaresco Basarin was a well made elegant wine and showed well…  

We were not lucky with one bottle but I’m going to fix that.

Jonny, thank you!  

There is so much hard work done by these amazing producers that is always a pleasure to get these feedback.  I hope your folks had a great time and we will work hard to keep or even raise the quality of our products and I’m sure we will organise soon a tasting together.

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